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Ctrl + D Not Working in Excel? Here’s How to Fix It

In Microsoft Excel, the Ctrl + D shortcut normally copies the top cell’s content down to the cell below. But because of facing interruption from the Webex app keyboard shortcut settings, this shortcut doesn’t work in Excel. Luckily, it’s very easy to troubleshoot this issue. We’ll show solution you can try if Ctrl + D shortcut is not working in Excel.

Steps to Fix Ctrl + D Not Working in Excel

If the Ctrl + D shortcut isn’t working in Excel, you likely have the Webex app installed on your computer. This app uses Ctrl + D to decline calls.

If you use Ctrl + D in Excel while Webex is running in the background, Windows may think you’re giving the command to Webex instead of Excel. As a result, the shortcut won’t perform its intended action in Excel. To prevent this, you’ll need to assign a different key combination for declining calls in Webex. Here’s how to do it:

Open the Webex app on your computer, and click Settings in the left sidebar.

Settings option in Webex

In the Settings window, click Keyboard shortcuts in the left sidebar.

Keyboard shortcut option in Webex settings

Type D in the search bar, and then locate the Decline Call option.

Search bar in Webex

You can either uncheck the checkbox next to Decline Call to disable the shortcut, or click the key combination and choose a new key combination on your keyboard.

Decline option in Webex to fix Ctrl + D Not Working in Excel

Click Save. After that, restart your computer. Upon restart, the Ctrl + D shortcut should be working in Excel.

While disabling the shortcut or choosing a new key combination to decline calls in Webex should do the trick, however, if you’re still facing the problem, you should consider uninstalling Webex from your conputer.

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