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3 Easy Ways to Save ChatGPT Chats

Save and Share ChatGPT Chats

This post will show you how to save ChatGPT chats. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI based on a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) series of large language models. The chatbot can be used for professional and personal purposes. ChatGPT saves all the chats automatically. However, by default, there isn’t an option to save the chats offline and access them anytime. But this can be done by following the suggestions in this post.

How can I Save ChatGPT Chats?

Follow these suggestions to save the ChatGPT chats and access them anytime:

1. Use the Export ChatGPT Conversation extension

Third-party extensions allow you to save ChatGPT conversations as images, copy them to the clipboards and export them as notions. One such extension is the Export ChatGPT Conversation extension. Here’s how you can use it:

Add the extension to the Chrome browser.

Add Export ChatGPT Conversation extension

Open the ChatGPT chat you want to save.

Click on the Extensions icon and click on the Export ChatGPT Conversation extension.

click on Export ChatGPT Conversation extension

The following option will now appear:

Save ChatGPT Chats

Select how you want to save the chat and follow the suggestions on the screen.

Save ChatGPT Chats

2. Copy and Paste the conversation in a savable format

Copy Paste ChatGPT Chats

Next, copy the whole conversation from ChatGPT and save it in a Word or text file. Doing so will instantly save the conversation and make it available for sharing and further use.

3. Take a screenshot of the conversation

Lastly, you can save the ChatGPT conversation by taking a screenshot on your PC. To do so, press Windows + Prtsc key combination. This will take a screenshot and save it in the Photos folder in the Filer Explorer.

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How do you save a ChatGPT prompt?

To save a ChatGPT prompt, bookmark the webpage or save the conversation URL. Alternatively, copy and paste the conversation into a text document or a note-taking app. This will save the prompt locally on your device.

How do you share a chat in ChatGPT?

To share a chat in ChatGPT, click on the share icon in the conversation history tab. Other than that, you can also take a screenshot of the conversation or save and share it in a text file.


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