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Fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13 the Right Way

Fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13 the Right Way

Hulu is a premium streaming service that offers a variety of live and on-demand entertainment. It offers users a wide range of subscription options offering ultimate control over their viewing experience. However, some have recently complained that the Hulu error code RUNUNK13 keeps troubling them. Here’s the complete error message that occurs:

Error playing video
We encountered an error playing this video.
Please try restarting the video or select something else to watch.
Hulu Error Code: RUNUNK13

Now, let’s dive into these detailed solutions to fix the Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13 and get your Hulu entertainment back on track.

What can I do to fix Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13?

To fix the Hulu error code RUNUNK13, disable VPN/Proxy and check Hulu servers. If these don’t help, follow these suggestions:

1. Check the Network Connection

Before you start making any changes to your system, check if you’re connected to a stable internet connection. The error code RUNUNK13 on Hulu can also occur due to a slow or unstable internet connection. Performing a speed test will ensure that everything is right with your internet connection. Nevertheless, contact the service provider if the internet speed comes to less than the plan you’ve paid for. Alternatively, you can also try connecting to a different network.

2. Clear Cookies and Cache Data

If the error code RUNUNK13 appears while using Hulu web, consider deleting the cookies and cache data of the browser. This is because browsers’ cookies and cache data usually get corrupted and cause errors. Here’s how you can do it:

On Google Chrome

Clear Cookies and Cache Data Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, click on the three dots menu and click on Settings.
  • Navigate to Security and Privacy and click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • Check the option Cached images and files and click on Clear Data.

On Microsoft Edge

Clear Cookies and Cache Data Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge, click on three dots at the top right corner and select Settings.
  • Navigate to Privacy, Search, and Services and click on Choose What to Clear under Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select Cached images and files and hit Clear Now.

3. Check Hulu Servers

Next, check if the Hulu servers are facing downtime or are under maintenance. This is because server errors can also be why Hulu is facing errors. Follow @hulu_support on Twitter to stay updated about any scheduled maintenance.

4. Disable VPN or Proxy

A VPN and Proxy connection hides a device’s IP address by rerouting the internet traffic via a remote server. Using a VPN or Proxy can explain why the error code RUNUNK13 occurs on Hulu. To fix this, disable VPN or Proxy network. Here’s how:

  1. Press the Windows key + I combination to open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Network & Internet > Proxy and toggle off the Automatically detect settings option.
  3. Here, select the Set up option and toggle off Use a proxy server option.

5. Repair and Reset Hulu App

Repair and Reset Hulu App

If the error doesn’t get fixed by following these suggestions, consider repair and reset the Hulu app. Sometimes the error lies within the core installation files and cannot be fixed manually. Here’s how you can repair/reset the Hulu app:

  1. Open Windows Settings and navigate to Apps > Installed Apps.
  2. Search for Hulu, click on the three dots beside it, and select Advanced options.
  3. Scroll down and click on Repair/Reset.

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Why is Hulu not playing RUNUNK13?

To fix the Hulu error RUNUNK13, check if the internet connection you’re connected to is stable and restart the Hulu app or device. However, if that doesn’t help, check Hulu servers and disable VPN and Proxy if you’re connected to one.

How do I fix Hulu error code?

Clear the cache data and disable VPN/Proxy to fix error codes on Hulu. Other than that, you can also try switching to a different network.


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