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6 Quick Ways to Fix Not Working in Discord

6 Quick Ways to Fix Not Working in Discord is a popular AI tool that lets you change the sound of your voice so that you can sound like someone else. The best part is that it is compatible with apps like Discord which can help make your chats more fun. But what if is not working in Discord?

Usually, this problem can appear as a temporary glitch or due to misconfigured Discord settings. As such, if is not working in Discord, try these solutions to troubleshoot the problem for good. Not Working in Discord

Is not working in Discord? If yes, try restarting Discord to eliminate any temporary bugs or glitches that might be causing the issue. If that doesn’t work, apply other solutions in this post to solve the issue.

1. Restart Discord

It’s very common for online services like Discord to run into issues. When that happens, your first port of call should be to restart Discord.

Restarting Discord will eliminate any temporary bug or glitch causing the issue. So, if is not working in Discord, restart Discord and check if it makes any difference.

2. Set Up for Discord Correctly must be set up correctly for you to use it on Discord. Here’s a step by step instructions to correctly setup for Discord:

  1. Launch and switch to Live Mode.
  2. Click the microphone drop-down icon and choose your microphone.
    Microphone drop-down icon of
  3. Enable the Voice Changer toggle.
    Voice Changer toggle in
  4. Open Discord and click the Gear icon in the left sidebar.
  5. Choose Voice & Video from the left sidebar.
  6. Click the drop-down icon under Input Device and choose Microphone Array ( Audio Cable).
    Microphone Array ( Audio Cable) in Input devices of Discord

That’s it! Now, anyone you talk to in Discord will hear your changed voice.

3. Disable Hear Yourself

Disable Hear Yourself toggle in

The Live mode of comes with a ‘Hear Yourself’ option. When this is enabled, you’ll hear your changed voice through your output device. Although it’s pretty impressive how lets you hear your changed voice in real-time, but when the Hear Yourself option is enabled, you won’t be able to use in other apps like Discord.

So, disable the Hear Yourself toggle and check if the problem is resolved. If not, try the next solution on the list.

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4. Tweak With the Faster/Better Slider

Slider of

As aforementioned, does real-time voice conversion in its Live mode. But to do that, it requires a lot of system resources. If you’ve a high-end device, slide the Faster/Better slider to the right.

After adjusting the slider, wait for a few seconds to see the change in slider color. If the slider turns green, your computer is compatible with the set slider value. However, if the slider turns red, your computer isn’t compatible with the set value and might face issues using with apps like Discord. So, adjust the Faster/ Better slider to a value compatible with your computer. Also, you can visit system requirement page to check if your system can seamlessly run

5. Launch With Administrative Rights

You’ll likely face not working issue if doesn’t have the required permissions. To fix that, you’ll have to run with administrative privileges. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Right-click on and choose Properties from the context menu.
  2. Switch to the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as an administrator box.
    Run this program as an administrator box of
  3. Click Apply > OK to save the changes.

6. Update

Check for update button in

Updating is another quick way to fix not working in the Discord issue. To update, launch, click the Gear icon at the top-right corner, and choose Settings from the context menu. Then, click the Check for update button. will now look for and download any available updates. Once the download process is complete, restart your computer and check for the issue.

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Why won’t voice AI work on Discord?

If is not working in Discord, you probably did not correctly set it up for Discord. The problem can also appear as a temporary glitch or due to the Hear Yourself option in the Live mode.

How long does voice AI take to build a voice?

The time taken by to create a voice depends on your computer’s specifications. If you have a low-end device, you might have to wait for up to 10 minutes. Whereas, in a high-end device, the conversion could be done within a few seconds.


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